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First coffee, first sunrise, in the morning seems the best way to start-up your Open Banking

Smart Fintech is an innovation lab where we mix top notch ingredients – IBM APIC, ITSS know-how in financial sector, Berlin Group Standards & Best Practices etc. – to create the most awesome solutions that emerge from the two Worlds: Finance & Technology.


We aim for the best

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Backing us up is ITSS, with a dedicated team of professionals that always keep it simple.

We made it our mission to constantly innovate and deliver a frictionless and secure customer experience in the Open Banking ecosystem by accelerating Digital Transformation in any disruptive environment.

All of our solutions are based on SmartPG, enhanced by ITSS, a ready-to-market, open and secure acceleration Hub, aligned with Berlin Group Standards & Best Practices, powered by IBM API Connect.

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Coming soon!
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