What if i told you...

That it is possible to access all your financial information in just one place?


Yes, another one with "smart" as a prefix - simply because our solutions are smart, so what else can we say?


What does it do?

In simple terms, it does just what it says: it lets you access all of your bank accounts details in a brilliant way.


Imagine that you could have all of your accounts balances, transactions, and details from all your banks on one page. What could you achieve?


Powered by SmartPG, we are working as we speak on this solution.


Something like this

An integrated solution for all financial partners, a secure and fast way to communicate and access banking information with customer consent and authorization control. All those tabs and many apps opened simultaneously, making customers lose hours and hours - those days are over!


One integration will bring banks, customers, and businesses close together, and this is what SmartAccounts is all about. It brings you time and comfort. And endless possibilities for financial insights!


The solution is coming soon to the market, so stay tuned!