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Smart Open Banking - the Podcast Series

📻 Smart Fintech opens the podcast series Smart Open Banking with the 1st Episode - Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). The talks are in Romanian.

Find out what is SCA ✅ , what changes it brought for both retailers and consumers of online payments ✅, how did the banks prepared to be compliant with the PSD2 regulations ✅, what are the SCA exemptions ✅ or what other innovative alternative payment solutions for online payments emerged in Romania ✅ .

🎙️Engaging in this discussion: Mihaela Georgescu (Co-Founder Smart Fintech), Cristian Barbu (Managing Partner ITSS) si Ioana Dumitru (Marketing&Brand Development).

The 1st Episode is available on: Anchor, Spotify, Google Podcasts or Youtube.

Listen the Podcast here:

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