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Online: they select SmartPay when purchasing online

Invoice: they pay directly from e-invoice with payment link or QR code

Mobile app: they pay from their mobile app

Email or sms: they pay from an email, payment notification or secure sms

Chat: they pay directly from the chat where you interact with them

With SmartPay, you can receive payments by displaying a payment button for anyone to use.

Easily search and identify account-to-account transactions and their status
Multiple search filters
Get detailed transaction reports
Export data to Excel

Explore our articles and contact us to learn how SmartPay can benefit your business.

Request the test environment and enjoy the simplicity of integrating account-to-account payments with SmartPay.
Discover how to integrate SmartPay for convenient account-to-account payments for your customers seamlessly.

View in one place all account-to-account payments initiated by you and your customers.

Welcome to your payment and receipt control panel powered by open banking

SmartPay Console

You can now offer SmartPay as a payment option across all your sales channels, making account-to-account payments quick and easy for your customers.

one payment flow, multiple uses for your collections


Charge directly to your account
Reduce costs and fraud
Increase security for your customers

SmartPay benefits

Reduce costs by a minimum 50% 

The absence of intermediaries allows for the lowest online payment costs: directly from the buyers' account to yours.

Instant collection, depending on the bank

The money transfer to your account can now be completed in less than 10 seconds, even for interbank payments, from an ever-growing number of banks.

Automated and effortless reconciliation

SmartPay collection transactions are complete, with pre-filled payment details for guaranteed accuracy. 

Customers pay quickly, effortlessly

With SmartPay, the shortest online payment, they select their bank, login, and authorize from an invoice, at checkout in an online shop, or from a mobile app.

Offer the safest payment to your customers and reduce fraud

SmartPay ensures secure payments as customers authorize payment only through their bank, without disclosing any confidential data on third-party sites.

your cash-flow

Gain immediate access to your funds and stay up-to-date with real-time updates on the status of your payments.

Upgrade your platform with account-to-account payments through open banking