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No bank statements
Real-time bank transactions only
Quick and easy reconciliation
Immediate notification of account turnover
Data provided in a uniform and consistent format
Leave outdated and inefficient integrations behind and provide your customers with modern financial expertise. 

Your app + Smart Accounts

What type of information can your customers access through Smart Accounts?

They receive transaction details instanly

Quickly reconcile receipts and expenses

Maintain continuous transparency of cash-flow

Bank transactions

They are informed on balances

Quickly decide which account to pay from

Avoid spending more than they have

Bank account balances
Eliminate the need for manual and time-consuming retrieval of bank data and working with bank-specific files.
Access real-time data in a single format from any bank, through your app.

Easily access and view your transaction history without the need to manually log in to your banking apps repeatedly.

Continuous and automatic access to data 

The bank details they receive are structured in a specific format that simplifies the process of reconciling accounts.

Fast reconciliations with structured data

Use the most up-to-date data at any time, and avoid using outdated information.

Real-time updated data

Accounts can be accessed without repeated access to banking applications, and have the highest level of security and data protection.

Maximum security

Offer your clients immediate and direct access to data, allowing them to react promptly to their financial statements.

Decisions without delay

Access to information is controlled by simple consent every 6 months.

Full control

Maximize your customers' financial operations using the unique automated bank account interrogation

mobile screens showing an account aggregation app in web browser
Elevate your app's performance by integrating bank account interrogation.
Directly from your platform, log in once and stay updated with continuous access without any delays.

Save your customers 100% of their time with real-time banking data