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SmartPay & Revolut: expanding the horizon of digital payments

Discover a new dimension of digital payments with Revolut. SmartPay announces the integration of Revolut in its portfolio of banking partners, along with 12 other top banks in Romania. Thus, now you can accept simpler and faster payments with SmartPay and from Revolut accounts.

New opportunities for our partners


SmartPay partners can now accept payments from Revolut accounts for a variety of transactions, such as topping up investment accounts, paying credit instalments, online payments at merchants or paying bills.

Are your customers choosing to pay with Revolut?

The payment flow remains simple: when choosing to pay with SmartPay, they are redirected to their Revolut banking app, where they find all the details of the transaction pre-filled. All they have to do is authorise and the transaction is complete.

Activate payments from Revolut accounts in SmartPay

Find out how to enable this option in your platform. We have made available, in the Docs section of the website, the OpenAPI Documentation for SmartPay. If you need additional information, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you.

Improve the payment experience for your customers!


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