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SmartPay Headless - account-to-account payment that can now be customized to your brand

eCommerce platforms, online stores created from scratch, or financial services platforms - each strives to be closer to its users and provide them with a smooth and unified experience throughout their visit, from the first time they access a platform until the transactions are completed.

Because at Smart Fintech, we are attentive to the evolution of needs towards customization of platforms that integrate account-to-account payment with SmartPay, we now provide you with a headless version of SmartPay. Depending on the time and resources you have for integration, as well as the profile of your users, you can choose the version of SmartPay that best suits your business.

What is SmartPay Headless?

SmartPay Headless is a version of SmartPay that allows you to integrate account-to-account payment under your brand's hat. What does this mean? Users reaching the checkout will initiate the payment of the product or service you offer right from your platform's interface, thus interacting with a single brand identity - your brand.

Why, when, and how to use SmartPay Headless?

With custom SmartPay integration, users interact with a SmartPay interface distinct from your website or platform. The differentiation of SmartPay through a simple graphic, together with the terms and conditions of Smart Fintech for the provision of the account-to-account payment service, provides trust and security when paying online and is easily recognized by users; the payment initiation service is also integrated into other commercial platforms.

So SmartPay integrates quickly and with zero additional effort dedicated to the interface with your users.

But suppose you want to offer a payment experience at the checkout that fits perfectly with your brand identity and ensures customers' familiarity and unity at every step in your platform. In that case, you can take responsibility and create the design of the SmartPay integration.

This way, your customers will be surrounded by your brand features throughout initiating the account-to-account payment. Until it is authorized, they will be transferred to their bank's online application. Authorization is completed by automatically redirecting customers back to your website.

Account to account payment through SmartPay or headless

SmartPay Headless can become an integration option when:
  • You want to give your customers as few steps as possible outside of your site, even when the third-party service, SmartPay, is essential in completing the transaction.

  • You have additional time and resources to invest in creating the payment initiation interface.

  • You want to keep users' attention on your own brand identity.

In both cases, however, when you choose to integrate SmartPay or the Headless version, it is necessary to display the terms and conditions of operation of the SmartPay service for your users in the account-to-account online payment initiation page. As a payment service that facilitates the digitization of bank transfers and automatically redirects customers to the online banking platform and back, the display of trust elements is mandatory to successfully complete a payment.


If you want to integrate SmartPay and need to understand which version suits your business, contact us, and let's discuss.


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